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There are no fees for Petal Share’s services, but this doesn’t mean that there are no costs. Thus far, we’ve financed everything in-house or through a few individual donations. And while money and time are small sacrifices for the immense happiness (to both donor and receiver) that the flower deliveries bring, in order to successfully execute the mission and operations of Petal Share we need your continued support. 

To date, we've shared well over 200,000 recycled flowers, blooms and plants. We hope the videos, testimonies and photos inspire you to make an investment in the Petal Share movement so that we can continue to preserve and extend the lifecycle of these precious natural resources.  


Whether through giving of your time or a financial gift - through the seed you sow into Petal Share’s fertile ground, you will become a change agent; creating opportunities for ordinary individuals to do small, but extraordinary things that can impact the world and those in it…one petal at a time.


Contact us at to volunteer. Click here to donate.


Thank you for your support! 

Heather Lawson, Founder

Petal Share

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Help Us Bring Petals To The People!

Here are some ways you can donate:

Donate Non-Floral Goods

We Always Need Supplies! Email Us At to Donate Vases, Ribbon, Flower Food, Tags, Scissors , Mason Jars and Other Items

Volunteer With Us

Share A Bit of Your Time With Us And Make A Difference. Email Us To Get Started. 

Donate Your Flowers
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