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by Stephen Bobb September 3, 2013

The Wedding Vendor Spotlight is an interview series highlighting some of the best wedding vendors in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Find out what brings them joy, both professionally and personally, as well as their insights into emerging wedding trends for 2013.

Heather Lawson recently launched Petal Share, a new non-profit organization in Washington, DC that aims to extend the life of wedding and event flowers to bring a smile to those in need. What a great concept!

Heather Lawson, Esq.

What is Petal Share?

First, thanks for featuring Petal Share on your blog. We’re super excited and humbled that you chose to highlight our efforts. Petal Share is a non-profit charitable organization. Our mission is to share recycled flowers with individuals in nursing homes, shelters and hospitals, with a special emphasis on facilities in Ward 8-Washington, DC. The Petal Share motto is “Share Your Petals, Share Your Joy.”

What was the inspiration behind it?

Truthfully, the inspiration for Petal Share came from watching TV. I’m a fan of those shows that feature the really over-the-top weddings. I remember one night thinking...

For the rest of the story follow the link below:

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